Tram Anh Nguyen

Tram Anh Nguyen serves as Board Advisor for EDHEC, NED Passerelles Numeriques, Board Member for Business France Frenchtech UK, Advisory Board Member of the Association of the Corporates Treasurers, and Board Member with Global Impact FinTech (GIFT) Forum.

She is the co-author of CFTE's world's largest Fintech Job Report Book. Entrepreneurship Expert Saïd Business School, Oxford and is an Industry Fellow of Imperial College. She is an advocate of lifelong learning and believes that continuous education is the best tool to help people adapt to a fast-changing world.

Tram Anh strongly believes that in a world dominated by technology, people must remain at the centre of society and organisations, and that education and training are key to helping individuals adapt to a fast changing world. This was the motivation that drove her to launch CFTE to help finance professionals up-skill, find more opportunities and build better finance.

She works tirelessly with governments, policymakers, industry experts, and academia to push initiatives in financial education for Finance 2.0. She followed her passion to bring about a skills revolution in finance to not only transform the industry but to help a multitude of stakeholders, like women and people from different backgrounds and walks of life, to enter the new world of finance.

The platform includes hundreds of experts (from heads of innovation in banks to CEOs of challenger banks and CEOs of Fintech VCs), who have created a platform that helps the industry acquire this knowledge quickly, from Fintech to Artificial Intelligence to Open Banking to Extrapreneurship programmes, with an engaged community with 100,000+ alumni around the world.

CFTE is headquartered in the UK. In addition to London, CFTE is present in Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Luxembourg, and France and works with most Tier 1 financial institutions.

Highly respected in the industry, Ambassador for the Singapore Fintech Festival, From 2017 until today as Senior Leader Women in Fintech, International speaker at global events, mentor and judge for the industry.

Of Vietnamese origin, Tram Anh was born in France and lived in Paris, New York, and now London. She provides a great understanding of both Asian and Western cultures and is always keen to bring the best of them together.

As a part of CFTE, a few of Tram Anh’s significant achievements include being a part of releasing the Fintech Job Report and the Blockchain Job Report. The Fintech job report is the first of its kind in history, where the major developments in the field, possible work roles, and pertinent employability skills required to help governments, regulators, employers, and job applicants with future job creation and prospects have been outlined. The Blockchain job report examines the employment implications of blockchain technology from the viewpoints of prospective employees, financial institutions, blockchain enterprises, and governments. The positions that are now in demand in blockchain and the qualifications that are necessary for success in this fiercely competitive market for blockchain are also explored in the report.

Tram Anh primarily concentrates on providing lectures in the financial, fintech, business, government, and academic sectors.