Sidsel Birk Hjuler

Sidsel joined Buro Happold in 2023 as Global Lead for Active Mobility at Buro Happold’s Copenhagen Office.

Sidsel is an internationally prominent leader in the field of mobility with a wealth of experience in planning and advocating for active mobility, especially cycling, at local, regional, and international scales.

Prior to joining Buro Happold, Sidsel served as the Head of Office for Cycle Superhighways of the Copenhagen Capital Region, where she actively promoted cycling as a viable mode of transportation. Working closely with policymakers, stakeholders, and urban communities, she achieved an impressive increase in the number of cycling commuters, who now make full use of more than 200 kilometres of high-quality cycling paths in the Copenhagen region.

Sidsel also serves as a board member of the European Cyclists’ Federation, where she promotes cycling as a sustainable and healthy transportation choice for all. She regularly speaks as a cycling enthusiast at conferences, has a challenging, explorative mindset, and is valued for her team empowering skills.

She graduated with a Master of Arts in Modern Culture – Profile in Urbanity and Aesthetics at the University of Copenhagen.