Luís Martins Simões

Luís Martins Simões often says that everything you do must be done with a soft will, a little effort and a lot of fun. The wealthiest people on earth are not those who work a lot, but those who have new ideas, he says. He believes that we cannot experience long lasting inspiration and motivation without having a vision and being connected to our intuition. Luís is a dynamic and enthusiastic person who sees the world through eyes that are not restricted by any conformity, rule or regulation. He believes that the evolution of mankind depends on the ability of people to be creators and not repeaters. Many things on our planet work well, but many others simply do not work at all.

Those that work well, are invariably the result of a new and creative paradigm, because when we feed our human mind with repetition, problems occur. Luis is a business man who proposes very practical solutions and tries to stay away from abstract theories that do not seem to add value. For more than a quarter of a century, he has travelled the world teaching leadership, communication, motivation and emotional intelligence, sales, negotiation and public speaking to multinational corporations and local companies. He is widely recognized as a specialist in intrapersonal and interpersonal effectiveness. He has developed his own know-how based on his experience of working with corporations from the US to the Far East, across Europe.

As well as teaching classes for corporations, he speaks at conferences, in schools and in universities in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Luis Martins Simoes is a native from Lisbon – Portugal, educated in Belgium, with a degree in Economics and a degree in Business Administration.