Vikas Jain

After working for almost eight years with Corporate giants like IBM and McAfee, Vikas understood that „Secret of Success‟ is altogether different when it comes to real life and is not even one percent of what most of us perceive. He decided to share this „Secret of Success‟ with others and to make them realize their own worth. His dedication towards it was so intense that he even denied the offer from Microsoft and founded Adhyan. Adhyan is committed to fulfill the mission of “Building Self-Learning Ecosystem” and transform organizations, individuals and community.

He is the author of „Secret behind Super-Achievers: Self-Education‟ and „Top 10 Mistakes While Making Career Choice‟. His research papers and articles have been published in journals and newspapers of national and international repute.

In his book “The Secret Behind Super-Achievers: Self-Education”, he shared a vision of world with Self-Learning Ecosystem in-place. Vikas is on a mission to interview 1000+ self-educated people in 100 countries over the next 10 years. He has already done interviews with amazing self- educated people on two continents.

His flagship programs include Self-Learning Leadership, Self-Learning Entrepreneurship, Adhyan Eklavya Vikas and more. He has delivered programs for various corporations including Fortune 500 companies for Senior Leadership and various other levels.

Due to his special interest in empowering different sections of the society, Vikas has delivered Life Skills training to refugees under United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). He has mentored Faculty Development Program to Assistant/Associate Professors of University of Delhi and other educational institutions.

His strategic & inspirational talks, positive attitude, knowledge and charismatic persona is what makes him stand out of the crowd. This has lead to desired transformation in people on personal and professional front.