Klisman Murati

Klisman Murati stands at the forefront of geo-economic analysis, his groundbreaking approach to mapping the future of global development transforms how leaders understand and navigate the complex web of influences shaping our world.

With a keen focus on the interplay between Globalisation, Geopolitics, Transformative Technology, and Societal Change (the Global 4), Murati’s pioneering tool called the Global Power Index allows him to forecast the trajectories of entire nations, dissecting the core elements of power to unravel the hidden forces shaping our interconnected world.

Sitting at the helm of Pareto Economics, Murati equips global business leaders, investors, and policymakers with the essential tools for strategic foresight.

His strategic insights empower individuals, organisations and governments to craft successful, future-driven business, investment, and policy strategies by re-wiring their thinking so they are prepared to take action no matter the circumstance.

A sought-after speaker, Murati's influence extends across a diverse spectrum of audiences, from investment houses and central banks to corporations, governments, and think tanks worldwide. Respected for his expertise in leadership transformation, emerging markets, demographic shifts, and changing power dynamics, he is an individual who engages and influences with authority.

His refreshingly candid approach in a world often polarised by differing viewpoints allows him to present coherent arguments without being confrontational or rigid.

Backing his intellectual prowess is a strong academic foundation. With degrees in Social Anthropology & Human Rights, Security Studies, Financial Crime Risk in Global Banking & Markets, and Outer Space Studies, Murati’s academic achievements enrich his insights and expertise in global issues.

Klisman Murati is not just a speaker; he is a transformative force at the intersection of knowledge and action, shaping the future of global understanding and strategy.