Amy Mahjoory

Amy is an expert Real Estate Investor & Educator, HGTV Personality, Best-Selling Author, Networking Coach and Keynote Speaker. For the past twenty-one years, Amy has studied the art of strategic networking. Before pursuing her passion in Entrepreneurship, Amy was a highly recognized global leader in Procurement, Logistics and Operations Management for Dell. After fourteen years in Corporate America, Amy realized that a traditional education combined with the security of a 9-5 was not going to produce the results she wanted. Amy’s success can be attributed, in large part, to her team-building talents and cutting-edge business systems. She focuses on surrounding herself with some of the most dynamic and dedicated entrepreneurs, mentors, peers, employees and investors. Her trainings include Strategic Networking, Team Building, Problem Solving, Outsourcing and Raising Capital. Amy has a genuine interest in helping others succeed. Most of her success originates from her belief in working smarter, not harder. Amy’s number one goal is to provide the absolute highest level of service to her clients.

Most recently, Amy was named as one of Real Leaders’ Top 50 Keynote Speakers in the World in 2022.

Amy Mahjoory was born to be an extremely powerful networker. She continually studied and practiced the art of strategic networking while launching and growing multiple businesses.  Amy grew up with three mothers and three fathers. Networking is something that she has studied, practiced and learned a lot about throughout her childhood and over the course of her corporate career.

After attending Michigan State University, Amy moved away from home for the first time to Austin, TX where she landed a job working for Dell and went on to earn her MBA. After working in Corporate America for over fourteen years, Amy decided her true potential was elsewhere. She was completely burnt out and had no passion for the work she was doing. She knew she needed a change.

Although it sounded a bit ambitious and even unrealistic, especially since Amy had no previous knowledge of the real estate industry, her obsession with HGTV opened her mind to the creative and endless opportunities that existed outside of her traditional corporate job. She was on a brand new mission determined to learn how to buy, renovate and then sell distressed properties.

Amy’s first objective was to build her power team. She focused on strategic networking and worked with many coaches and mentors all over the world. It hasn’t always been easy, and it’s taken a lot of hard work and sacrifice, overcoming unsupportive friends and family members, many lessons learned and a few lost friendships along the way. However, Amy’s drive for success combined with the support and guidance of her mentors and incredible team, provided her with the knowledge required to step foot into an industry she knew nothing about and buy, renovate and then sell ten properties during her first year while still working a full time job.

In her best-selling book titled, Networking with a Purpose, Amy brings the principles of successful networking to life through the stories, events and ideas that have shaped her path to success personally and professionally. Amy and her husband Sean live in San Diego, CA with their daughter Emma.