Rachel Montañez

Rachel Montañez is an international thought leader and trusted advisor to some of the world’s most powerful companies. Known for her heart-centered style, she is one of a select few university-trained career coaches. Corporate leaders routinely seek out Rachel because her qualitative research insights fast-track their comprehension, allowing them to anticipate employee burnout needs in a post-pandemic workplace. She has coached thousands, including hundreds of high performers from numerous Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies, as well as graduates from institutions like Harvard, Stanford and Cambridge. Additionally, she’s been sought out to provide over 1000 corporate coaching hours.

Rachel’s Forbes column on careers and burnout has attracted over one million global readers, and she’s spoken virtually and in-person all over the world. As a diverse voice, she’s lived and worked in the UK, South Korea, Japan, and the USA. She also understands what it feels like to suffer from sleep deprivation, feel unfulfilled and disengaged, and to use busyness as a pain reliever. When she’s not helping organizations take employees from career fatigue to fulfillment, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter in sunny Florida. Her career is important to her, but not at the expense of her health or cherished relationships. She's relentlessly committed to living her message.