Pablo González Cid

An icon of the Mexican coffee industry, Pablo González Cid has contributed for over 10 years to the growth of coffee culture in Mexico. Founder and managing director of the chain of coffee shops Punta del Cielo. In 2004 he opens his first shop in Masaryk, in Mexico City, introducing to the market a new line of cans capable of capturing, along with the beans, all the aroma of fresh roasted coffee, thus innovating with a new patent for Mexico and the world. In 2006 he decides to create TAC, “Technology Applied to Coffee”, a direct division of Punta del Cielo with the aim of implementing new technologies for the development of coffee.

There it was where Cafeína 01s were born, machines capable of always preparing perfect espressos. Innovation as the engine of companies is the cornerstone for any business, not only in what refers to products, but to services as well. This is the philosophy that has led to position Punta del Cielo as the great coffee of Mexico. One of the implicit parts of any project is perseverance, without which it becomes impossible to create anything. That’s the way it is both in life and in business. González Cid talks about the most important factors about enterprises.

To persevere beyond any obstacle is the key for turning goals into reality. In his own voice, he tells about the most important and transcendental facts in his career as an entrepreneur of the coffee industry in Mexico. He shares his experiences, all gifted with great success, but without neglecting their share of failures. Failure and tolerance to frustration are a part of the game in which one has to get to the front in order to turn out victorious. At present, Pablo González Cid has spread the name of Mexico and its coffee to international ranks, with shop branches in Texas, Spain, Hong Kong, and Guatemala.

With a vision of “Find something that really moves you passionately” and “There is no immediate success”, he proves that things rightly made, are made in Mexico.