George Mentz

George Mentz is a premier, sought-after speaker, revolutionary author, and global management consultant. Dr. Mentz is universally referenced by his clientele, friends and colleagues, as one of the most thoughtful, enthusiastic, and empathetic individuals in the business world today. George Mentz, an international lawyer, is the founder of the GAFM Global Academy of Financial Management ® and he has published extensively in the fields of law, e-business, entrepreneurship, international finance, and success strategy.

Some of Dr. Mentz's bestselling books include: CWM Chartered Wealth Manager Guide, Project Manager Executive Guide, The Wealth Management Executive Guide, The Secret Powers of Highly Effective People, Spiritual Wealth Management, Wealth Management and Financial Planning, and many more. Published in many journals, Mentz was a pioneer in the movements of: executive certification training, international wealth management, internet marketing and neuroplasticity.

George Mentz has advised with consultative insights to the US Government and United Nations on domestic and international issues while helping people from around the world improve their education and careers. Mentz is a syndicated author, contributor and expert for various news and media channels. George Mentz and his companies have held seminars and VIP courses in over 35 countries worldwide. Professor Mentz received his Doctor of Jurisprudence and MBA degree after attending graduate coursework at Loyola University, Catholique University Belgium, William and Mary Law School, Tulane University, and programs in Austria, Spain, Mexico and Brazil.

Mentz is the first person in the United States to achieve "Quad Designation" Status as a JD, MBA, qualified/licensed financial planner and wealth manager, and Qualified/Certified Financial Consultant & Planner. Counselor Mentz is the recipient of national awards and honors for his contributions in the fields of management, excellence, teaching, charity, leadership, and speaking In recent years, George Mentz has been named a expert and leader for his publications and he has been honored by mainstream media as a brain trust member and part of the Dream Team of Financial Writers for mainstream media outlets.

George Mentz has served on the advisory boards of: The Global Finance Forum in Switzerland, The World E-Commerce Forum in the UK, The Certified Economist Association of Africa, and the China Wealth Management Institute of Hong Kong, The Arab Academy Standards Council, The International Project Management Commission, a US Medical School, a Law School's Graduate Program, and various charities. Mentz and his executive development companies have been featured or quoted in the NASDAQ News, Forbes, Reuters, Morningstar, Yahoo Finance, Wall Street Globe, The Hindu National, El Norte Latin America, the Financial Times, NYSSA New York Securities Analysts News, The China Daily, The Department of Education ERIC Library, The US Department of Labor Brochures, Black Enterprise, The San Francisco Chronicle, Associated Press, & The Arab Times.