Christina Stielli

Christina lives in Stockholm and has two adult daughters, one in Stockholm and one in Rome. She is a runner with a passion for her friends, nature, food and she is always exploring her own limits. A Swedish author who has written two novels and seven non-fictions, a frequent guest in Swedish TV and a chronicler in the magazine Hälsa (Health). She is also a cineaste, has not ever watched “Love Actually”, but rather “Die Hard”, “Batman” and movies as such more times than she can count. Once, she was extraordinary with videogames like “Crash Bandicoot”, “Extreme Games” and of course “Spyro the dragon” … although today if she tried she would probably not get the same high scores.

In her lecturers, her performances, workshops and appearances she challenges each individual to find their potential, their motivation and their responsibility not to place problems onto someone else but instead figure out their own self-leadership in order to succeed and cope with the ups and downs of life.

Christina has a background as marketing, sales and PR manager in the travel industry where she successfully, amongst other things, developed five-star hotels and established Japanese airlines in the Scandinavian market. For several years, she worked with film launches in the region and was responsible for the release of blockbusters such as Titanic and ID4. She was also part of PlayStation’s establishment in Europe.

When her life fell apart and she was left alone with two teenage daughters, the journey back to a bearable life again became her springboard towards what she works with today: to inspire people not to surrender to adversity, to see their inner potential and to never put the responsibility to have a good life, a successful career and be the person and employee I want to be, onto someone or something else... the weather, the stock market or the fact that we have too little time.

With passion, energy and warmth, with a total presence and an exuberant personality, Christina talks about vital motivation, our purpose in life and at work, joy at work, change, psychological security in the workplace, self-leadership and ... ordinary everyday happiness.