Tom Clark

Tom Clark is the indispensable right-hand man to Alpine's talented driver, Esteban Ocon, holding the pivotal role as his Head of Performance. With a wealth of expertise, Tom plays a crucial role in supporting Esteban, offering insights into both his health and performance.

His dedication takes him to every Grand Prix on the F1 calendar, where he orchestrates pre- and mid-season training camps to fine-tune Esteban's capabilities, as well as managing all things physiological performance at the track on race day.Rooted in a childhood passion for motorsport, Tom's journey began as a go-kart competitor, laying the foundation for a career deeply entrenched in the world of racing. Armed with an MSc in Sport and Exercise Science, he embarked on a trajectory that saw him working in a specialized private gym focusing on motorsport performance. It was here that he initiated professional connections with drivers across various motorsports, gradually making a name for himself.

Tom's ascent in the motorsport performance domain accelerated as he commenced working with racing athletes, attending competitions, and providing invaluable performance support and physical preparation advice. The turning point in his career came with an appointment at Hintsa Performance, a renowned performance consultancy in Formula 1.

Currently in his fifth year in the high-stakes world of Formula 1, Tom is dedicated to perfecting Esteban's peak performance. His focus extends beyond conventional realms, delving into cutting-edge research on human circadian rhythms and the challenges posed by jet lag and intense travel schedules in elite sports as part of his doctoral studies.

Tom's commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance is evident in his exploration of new areas for marginal gains, particularly in the intricate realm of jet lag and circadian rhythms. His groundbreaking research on jet lag is particularly pertinent in Formula 1 and other elite sports where extreme travel demands are the norm.

Tom is at the forefront of identifying barriers specific to different sports, adeptly managing sleep schedules, and mitigating the impact of social jet lag—an aspect many professional sports organizations recognize as pivotal for achieving peak performance and gaining a competitive edge.

As a pivotal force in Esteban Ocon's journey and an influential figure in Formula 1, Tom Clark continues to redefine the boundaries of performance science in the world of motorsports.