Dan Lier

Dan Lier is a powerful force of optimism and achievement who believes every person is capable of incredible potential.

At 6’8”, Dan is a giant in sales and leadership. For 20 years, he has been helping leaders and sales people improve their mindsets and increase their productivity and performance.

After winning two successive National Championships as a college basketball player, Dan became fascinated by what separates the champions from average performers.

He began his professional career as a field sales rep for Tony Robbins and quickly became the #1 performer. Dan helped to change the sales paradigm within the Robbins organization, and was elevated to sales leader – where he led two national sales teams, on opposite sides of the country, to produce record sales numbers for the business.

In 2000, on a mission to help others tap into their full potential, Dan launched his own speaking and training company.

Upon the release of Dan’s first book, The 10 Minute Coach, he became the first personal development personality to have a contract on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) – where he assisted countless people with his The 10 Minute Coach CD series. Dan’s most recent book Is Your Child Wired for Success was an Amazon bestseller.

Dan is also an adjunct professor at Fort Hays State University School of Business and Entrepreneurship.

Hailed as an expert in human behavior, Dan speaks to audiences of all sizes and teaches the necessary tools for improving mindset and elevating performance.

His client list includes companies such as Pfizer, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Prudential, BMW, and many more.


*   *   *   TESTIMONIALS   *   *   *

Dan, you are an incredible field general and coach to your team. The challenges of having a family on the road and managing a mobile sales force that creates massive impact in a short time is remarkable. The fact that you are available 24/7 for your team, and your “tough love” leadership style have set a new standard for FSR performance for which I am truly grateful. Your a true leader. I’m proud to have you as a dear friend. - Anthony Robbins, American author, philanthropist and life coach


Dan has proven techniques to take your life to the next level with no questions asked. It’s rare to come across stand out talent like Dan. - Les Brown, American motivational speaker, author and former television host


Dan's presentation was amazing. Dan was by far the best speaker we've ever had for our annual sales meeting. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone. - Steven Criner, Senior Sales Executive at Audi


Dan Lier's Impactful, yet approachable style was a really big hit at our meetings. He gave our team tools to use within a well delivered, entertaining message. - Sherri Gilligan, Sr. V.P. at MGM Mirage


Dan's ability to inspire our best gave us the edge on the competition. He has taken our top sales force and put them on level 20! - Don Barden, Managing Director 401(k) Sales at MetLife