Marisha Lakhiani

As a marketing visionary, Marisha has a proven track record of success in driving strategic vision and tactical execution, with unique expertise in combining the art, science, and technology of marketing to deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive growth and scalability on autopilot.

Currently, as the VP of marketing at Mindvalley, she is responsible for driving $120 Million in revenue and managing all key marketing functions including product launches, memberships, retention, localization, performance marketing, content strategy, marketing automation, and overall growth strategy. Some of her wins include helping the company pivot to a subscription model, developing an effective retention strategy, driving community tech initiatives, building new acquisition models to drop CAC, creating a freemium model, multi-million dollar product launches, and so much more.

Her deep understanding of the mobile marketing space has been sharpened through her previous role as managing partner of a mobile app called Stempl - a mobile loyalty app designed to give SMEs a foothold in the mobile marketing space. She took Stempl global and localized it in 5 different markets.

As an advisor, speaker, and consultant, Marisha is extremely passionate about scaling businesses and driving innovation and growth. Let's work together to take your marketing efforts to new heights.