Silvia Garcia

Silvia Garcia is behind some of the most memorable campaigns under the "Open Happiness" Coca-Cola’s brand signature.Cola- Cola’s secret for success is to be found in three different places: its emotional marketing, its secret recipe, and its employees, who consistently overdeliver in creativity and performance.

As Global Coca-Cola Marketing and Happiness Institute Director Silvia was the organization's expert on emotions and how they influence our decisions as leaders, managers, or consumers. Silvia is a worldwide expert on positive leadership and happiness at work.

Multicultural, she knows how to engage with all types of audiences with awe-inspiring examples of applying the science of happiness at work. Highly demanded all around the world, her speeches have been said to change “lives and companies”. Her recent TEDx on how emotions influence innovation received a standing ovation.

She engages with all type of organizations from the World Business Forum to local businesses. Whether your objectives are related to your organization's vision and culture, or to boosting your bottom line results, Silvia will be eye-opening on how the science of happiness can help you or your organization become more profitable, happier and successful.