Jaqueline Weigel

A strong believer in transcendent universal futures, Jaqueline defines herself as an evolving spiritual human who is committed to helping the transformation of others and of the world. Her main personality traits are leadership and innovation, features which have driven her to think ahead of her time since an early age.

Throughout her professional life, both as a strategic coach and as a futurist thinker, her business partners, coachees and audiences have underlined her remarkable power to transform people and realities. Such gift has helped people as well as corporative clients to organize their thoughts, conceptions and ideas, making them into clearer plans. As an enthusiastic Futurist lecturer, Jaqueline is highly skilled at making complex themes simpler to learn.

CEO of W Futurism, which she founded in 2006, Jaqueline is a Global Futurist, a strategist, specialist in Foresight and Futures Studies, in Human Behavior and Positive Change Management. She does research on futures in the world’s leading futures schools. At the same time, she is a Post & Neo Humanist scientist who studies the evolution of our species in the face of new universal future possibilities.

Jaqueline has a wide experience with top management leaders and executives, change-seeking organizations and groups, and future studies. Apart from her expertise in coaching, she is a business strategist specialized in developing skills for change in companies and organizations. Her customers work in large Brazilian and global corporations. She also works in the mentorship of CEOs all over the world both in Portuguese and in English, and has a large experience with global scenarios.

During the period she worked as a coach, from 2005 to 2015, she had extremely positive  results in all the processes she applied by guiding her corporate clients throughout an instigating and challenging dance, so that they can unveil their potential in all areas.

Her main goal at W Futurism is to train future thinkers through the courses and lectures on global Foresight methodologies. She is intent on making preferred futures a reality by resenting people with the new dimensions of the world, by organizing information and learning about the future, and by strengthening corporate leaders’ decision-making in the present. Her mission is to make Brazil a respected place in the Foresight World and to contribute to the preparation of the human species for the new life of the planet.

Jaqueline graduated in People Management from FGV-SP, and is currently a researcher in Foresight methodologies at the FFRC, Finland Futures Research Center, Finland, Metafuture and CLA Method by Dr Sohail Inayatullah, Australia. She attended Singularity University, USA, specializing in Exponential Leadership. She also studied Leading Changes and Organizations at MIT Sloan, and Neuroleadeship at the David Rock Institute. She is a guest speaker at The Futures Agency, Switzerland, a writer at The Journal of Futures Studies and is part of the UNESCO community on Futures Literacy.

She is also a renowned author in Brazil, having written several articles on the topics of the future of leadership and business, among them Neo Human Futures, Exponential Leadership and Cultural Transformation.