Soumitra Dutta

Soumitra Dutta is an authority on all aspects of innovation in the knowledge economy, with a refreshing global perspective. Throughout his distinguished career, he has focused on how to drive business innovation and growth through the right combination of innovative people and technology.  This is particularly relevant in the current crisis when innovation is the best answer for both thriving today and emerging stronger in a post-crisis world.

Soumitra has co-written several important books on technology and business innovation:
• In his co-authored book, The Bright Stuff: How innovative people and technology can make old businesses new, Soumitra shares secrets of successful innovation so that you learn the skills and attitudes of the digital economy innovators. Innovation is imperative not just for growth, but for survival.
• In Innovating at the Top, he distills proven ways that senior executives can improve innovation performance from interviews with the CEOs of nine highly-innovative international corporations.
• His recent co-authored book, Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom reveals how online social networking is transforming our personal lives, our organizations, and our behavior as consumers and citizens.
• Soumitra has co-edited eight annual reports for the World Economic Forum on the impact of information technology on development and national competitiveness, the most authoritative and comprehensive assessments available
• He is also the author of the Global Innovation Index which is published with the World Intellectual Property Organization (a specialized UN agency focused on innovation and patents) and is leading global assessment of innovation capabilities.

He is one of the very few faculty members around the world and across all disciplines who has been invited to Davos for more than 10 consecutive years. He is a member of the privileged "Davos Circle" group of participants.

Soumitra Dutta is the 11th Anne and Elmer Lindseth Dean and Professor of Management at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, New York. Prior to July 2012, he was the Roland Berger Chaired Professor of Business and Technology at INSEAD and the founding director of eLab, a center of excellence in the digital economy. Professor Dutta obtained his Ph.D. in computer science and his M.Sc. in business administration from the University of California at Berkeley. His current research is on technology strategy and innovation policies at both corporate and national levels. He has won several awards for research and pedagogy and is actively involved in strategy and policy consulting. His research has been showcased in the global media and he has received several awards including the Light of India Award ‘12 (from Times of India media group) and the Global Innovation Award ’13.