Jerome Joseph

Jerome Joseph is a key catalyst in expanding management focus from the tactical issues of brand and experiences to key strategic issues including customer experiences and online brand conversations.

He has developed cutting-edge thinking and practice on how organisations can achieve brand differentiation and long-term customer loyalty through the strategic implementation of brand experiences in the era of new technologies and trends. The results can be a measurable increase in market penetration and revenues.

Jerome Joseph is the head brand coach of Brand One, a leading corporate brand training agency which offers customized training programs and seminars for organizations around the world. Dynamic interactive programs provided by Brand One include Internal Branding, Asian Brand Strategy, Branded Experience Marketing, Branding 3.0, Brand Experience Strategy, Branded Customer Experiences, and Brand Strategy workshops, all designed to boost your bottom line through effective branding.

He is also the managing partner & Head of Brand engagement for global brand consultancy The Brand Theatre. Jerome works with brands across the globe on brand research, brand strategy, and brand engagement, both online and offline. Jerome is also a visiting lecturer and seminar leader for brand management and brand communication programs for leading universities including Edith Cowan University (Australia, Perth), Southern Cross University (Australia, Victoria), University of Southern Queensland (Australia, Queensland), Oklahoma University (USA) and Aventis (Singapore). Over the last 18 years, he has built up a wealth of practical experience working with organisations in Asia Pacific and the United States. Jerome has worked with global companies including Asia Pacific Breweries, BASF, DHL, Standard Chartered, Great Eastern, Fujitsu, Fuji Xerox, AIA, Civil Aviations Authority Singapore – Changi Airport, Dell, Master Builder Solutions, and many others to create unforgettable brand experiences.

A prolific writer, Jerome is the author of these acclaimed business bestsellers:
1. The Brand Theatre: Staging ExtraOrdinary Branded Customer Experiences
2. The Brand Theatre: Staging ExtraOrdinary Branded Customer Experiences WorkBook
3. Turn Me On: A Guide to Personal Branding
4. Turn Me On: A Guide to Personal Branding Resource Kit
5. Internal Branding: Building Your Brand from Within
6. Branding 3.0: New Technologies, New Experiences & New Conversations
7. Mini Ebooks:
• Stand Out: 30 Principles to Revolutionise Your Personal Brand
• Personal Brand Archetypes: Build your Brand Through Archetypes!
• 10 Principles to Building Your Internal Brand Jerome gives his clients his personal attention and provides the highest level of professional service.

No one will work harder to help you and your organization to reach your goals either through training or consultancy.