Roberto Romero

Roberto Romero is the former founder of Future Lighthouse and a renowned creative technologist, entrepreneur, CEO, and futurist with over 20 years of experience. As a pioneer in the Metaverse, Roberto Romero is one of the multi-awarded global experts in the creation of interactive content in immersive virtual and augmented reality (XR).

Roberto Romero's conferences stand out for their accurate vision of the future, where he reflects on the usefulness and advantages of immersive technology, today. Roberto connects emotionally with the audience through a fluid, close and comprehensive use of language, which has led him to be recognized for the ease with which he simplifies the concept of the Metaverse.

In his talks, he emphasizes that the key to the success of immersive technologies lies in using them for practical, everyday purposes aimed at improving quality of life, such as cost saving, and time saving, as well as improving industrial processes, health applications, training, and educational content more efficiently.

Over 20 years, he has created interactive content in immersive virtual and augmented reality (XR) media. He has worked exclusively with companies such as Oculus, Sony, HTC, Sony Pictures, Facebook, Digital Domain and Disney and has carried out XR projects such as Campfire Creepers, Melita, Ministerio del Tiempo VR, Snatch In The Cloud, and 5 video game experiences published by Playstation 4.

He has led 3 companies during his career, including Future Lighthouse, the company that has brought him the most recognition globally. He is currently Creative Technologist at Accenture Song “Metaverse Continuum Business Group, where he works building the vision of the products and services that await us in the next telecommunications revolution: the Metaverse.

He is also an associate professor at several universities and institutions, such as Universidad Carlos III and U-tad University Center of Technology and Digital Art, amongst others, where he teaches course in Storytelling and Video Games and also a tutor in business development at EOI (Escuela de Organización Industrial).