Matt Beadle

Former serial entrepreneur and graduate from Greenwich and Birmingham universities, Matt Beadle (1977) is a British leadership consultant, speaker, brand ambassador, and expert for brain-based communication & leadership. He is the author of 4 books including his latest: „The World through Bee Glasses“ and has over 15,000 followers on social media.

Matt has worked with some of the worlds largest companies including Porsche, Lufthansa, Bayer, Zeiss, BMW, Stihl, AngloAmerican…. And has coached, trainer or spoken for over 30,000 participants from over 45 different nationalities in over 20 countries and his videos have been seen over 1 million times.

His talks are vibrant, challenging, based on solid science and yet always delivered in his unique dynamic, interactive style and with a touch of British humour.

Matt specialises in positive psychology, strengths orientation, psychological safety, intrinsic motivation, and transformational leadership. Subjects which helps leaders and followers alike to

- discover their own potential,

- develop their talents into strengths,

- create teams and systems that are healthy, transformational, and sustainable,

- hit proven, best-in-clsss performance

Strengths orientation just works! And if your team is struggling to find its full potential, then developing a psychologically safe environment is the way to go. Talks can be delivered in Matt’s native English or in German (with a slight British accent;-).