Catherine Devrye

Best-selling author of 8 non-fiction books & former Australian Executive Woman of the Year Award, Catherine has the ‘street cred’ to deliver the results you want. The 1999 & 2010 Australian Speaker of the Year, combines Gen Y energy with baby boomer experience to deliver an entertaining & educational message from stage; and is easy to work with off the platform.

She is an outstanding communicator with proven international management experience in the private and public sectors-speaking globally on customer service, value add, change and turning obstacles to opportunities in our professional and personal lives.

Her autobiography, Who Says I Can’t? was nominated for the National Biography Award. On the cover, Bryce Courtenay says: ‘story of hope & perseverance-when’s the movie?’ Other best sellers, translated into over a dozen languages, include Hope Happens!…Words of Encouragement for Tough Times and Hot Lemon & Honey…Reflections For Success in Times of Change of which the late Sir Edmund Hillary said: ‘Information in this book can lead you on the road to success’. She has also published The Customer Service Zoo and Good Service is Good Business, which was a # 1 best seller in Australia & Taiwan. Her newest book, endorsed by Dr. Edward De Bono, is titled Paperclips Don’t Grow on Trees-Add Value not cost to your bottom line A former IBM executive, Catherine held roles in sales, marketing, communication & management development. She spent 2 years in Tokyo as Asia Pacific Headquarters Human Resource Manager; and was later responsible for their customer education, management & leadership development programs in Australia.

An Australia Day ambassador, she was a former board member of the 3rd largest police service in the world, past CEO of Young Achievement Australia and worked for Ministers of Consumer Affairs, Education and Sport, where she was involved in the establishment of the Life. Be In It fitness campaign.

One of the most sought after speakers in Australia today-and always in search of new material-Catherine has even trekked to Timbuktu & beyond Everest Base Camp! She’s also cycled over the Andes, climbed 20,000’ to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro…and was given the honour to carry the Olympic Torch on the day of the opening ceremonies of the Sydney 2000 Olympics-plus has a heartwarming story of her personal journey from an orphanage in Canada, which she sometimes shares depending on your brief.

Catherine holds a Master of Science degree and has attended short courses at Harvard and the Melbourne Mt Eliza Business School, where she lectured-but believes the best education is common sense!

She always customizes to your theme and her delightful humour to present serious content has earned repeat business on 5 continents, including clients like American Express, AT&T, Australian Tourism, Coca-Cola, IBM, IGA, 3M, KPMG, Mercedes, Neways, Qantas, Red Cross, Remax, Royal Australian Airforce, Sanofi-Aventis, World Triathlon Championship.

Her business name sums up her philosophy. CDV Management stands for Clients Deserve Value-and that commitment to excellence and quality will contribute to the success of your next event.

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