Jarno Duursma

Jarno Duursma is a technology expert, trendwatcher and speaker in the field of digital technology. He is also the author of four books on digital technology, including on artificial intelligence and blockchain. His two most recent reports are about ‘Machines with Imagination’ and ‘Deepfake Technology’.

He can often be seen and heard in the national media and he writes opinion articles for Het Financieele Dagblad (or FD, a Dutch daily newspaper focused on business and financial matters), NRC (a Dutch daily newspaper of record) and De Volkskrant (a Dutch daily morning newspaper) – among other publications.

He is also the creator of the ‘Listening to the future’ tech podcast and he organised the TechEvent SMC050 for many years. He personally founded this event at the time.


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In 45 minutes the participants of our ANVR travel congress in Portugal got a barrage of examples from applications of artificial intelligence. Jarno's presentation made it clear to us in a very vivid way that the future has already begun. A great presentation! - Frank Oostdam, Director ANVR


The webinar on the power of technology in times of corona is really recommended. Jarno Duursma takes you through the (im)possibilities that technology offers in these corona times in his typical, catchy way. Afterwards you'll be completely up-to-date and enriched with a number of surprising insights! - Bas Baalmans, Digital Business Centre - Rijksuniversiteit