Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis is one of the greatest Olympians of all time. During his career as an Olympic athlete, Carl Lewis won 10 medals.

These medals consisted of nine golds, which came from winning four long-jump events, two 100-meter races, two 400-meter relays, and one 200-meter race. He also received one silver medal that came from finishing second in a 200-meter race.

Because of his impressive track and field performances, Carl Lewis has earned himself international respect and a place in history as one of the truly great athletes of all time.

Carl Lewis went on to win medals at a total of four Olympic Games, and he would have been at five, but the 1980 Olympics were boycotted by the United States. In the 1984 Olympic Games at Los Angeles, California, Lewis tied Jesse Owens’ Record of winning four gold medals in one Olympics. Lewis won two gold medals in Seoul in 1988; two gold medals in Barcelona in 1992; and one gold medal in Atlanta in 1996.

Carl devotes a great deal of his time and energy to charity. He founded “The Carl Lewis Foundation,” which serves as an umbrella for the many charities that Lewis supports including the College Fund (formerly known as the United Negro College Fund), The Wendy Marx Foundation (for organ donor awareness) and the UNCF Walkathon in Houston. He is also involved in the “Best Buddies,” program as a Board Member; “Best Buddies” integrates people with special needs into society.

In 2011 Lewis appeared in the short documentary Challenging Impossibility which features the feats of strength.