Dominika Staniewicz

Introducing Dominika Staniewicz, a speaker with over 15 years of experience on various stages. Dual Elite Neuroencoding specialist and Brain Health Coach, celebrated author of the groundbreaking #1 Kindle New Release, "The Magic of Dreaming Big, Acting Small, and Achieving Success." An transformational inspirational and educational speaker. Dominika Staniewicz is a neuroscience ninja, armed with deep knowledge and actionable strategies. Think firecracker charisma meets scientific wisdom, equipped with profound insights and practical solutions.

She is Founder Member of the Neuroencoding Institute, Dominika Staniewicz boasts a rich tapestry of accomplishments: advising top-tier leaders including the Polish president, shaping national labor negotiations, and holding a prestigious role as a Shadow Cabinet Member at the esteemed Business Center Club. She has worked with and supported companies like GOOGLE (Poland), ZARA, BOEING, MONSTER POLAND, MOBICA (IT), NIELSEN. She holds M.S ( Sociology) And Double BA ,with over 2000 hours on stages all over Europe and the US, 5000 hours of corporate training experience in diverse settings and over a decade as a university adjunct, her expertise is finely honed.

Beyond her impressive credentials, Dominika Staniewicz exudes a magnetic blend of dynamic charisma and scholarly wisdom. Her accolades, including the esteemed Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, multiple written recognitions form the Polish President underscore her transformative influence. Or many years she was the top labor market analyst and crafted market predictions on behalf of Business Center Club.

From captivating audiences on European Union stages to leaving an unforgetable mark in the United States, Dominika Staniewicz is a catalyst for profound change. Spoke on stages with people like Les Brown, Sean Callagy, Joseph McClendon III and many more. With precision and empathy, she navigates the complexities of mental well-being while providing actionable based in neuroscience solutions.

With a commitment to sustainable progress, Dominika Staniewicz advocates for a process-oriented approach, eliminating drastic changes in favor of holistic happiness and authentic management styles tailored to individual needs.  She proudly claims status as an inspirational figure who remains refreshingly down-to-earth.

Behind the scenes, she finds balance as a devoted mother to twin girls, aged 24, showcasing that success need not come at the expense of personal fulfillment.

Whether you seek a transformative key note speaker, trainer, or a coach,  Dominika Staniewicz exemplifies resilience, demonstrating how life's obstacles can be transformed into steppingstones toward realizing one's dreams.

She has been featured and common guest at: Polsat TV; TVN; Forbes; Coaching Magazine; Gazeta Prawna; Business Pulse ; TVP ; TALK FM; and many more.