Ted Souder

Ted Souder has been witnessing history for the past 25 years as an early employee at ground breaking companies like America Online & Google and in the boardroom at institutions such as 1871, the World’s #1 Private Business Incubator. Currently as a senior executive at Google, Ted helps C Suites understand the strategic imperative around making the transition to becoming more digital and embracing a new post-Covid normal.

Outside of the office as an advisor to start-up founders, Ted helps tomorrow’s leaders apply lessons straight from the Google Playbook in an effort to help them reach efficiency and scale as quickly as possible. As a part owner of the Summit of Minds conference and Monthly Barometer newsletter, both based in Chamonix, France, Ted helps convene global leaders from the worlds of business, non-profits, governments and beyond to discuss the biggest issues of the day while also taking the time to focus on health, wellness and building relationships outdoors.

Ted’s vast experience gives him a unique perspective on how organizations and governments today can benefit from taking advantage of the opportunities that come from embracing this change. How “working hard on things that are uncomfortably exciting” can make all the difference in your organization. How “defaulting to open” and “being more transparent” can improve trust and communication. How Google uses “Objectives and Key Results” to help teams organize around the right strategies and tactics. How the world's top technology incubator was born out of one of the oldest chambers of commerce in the United States.

Your audience will learn the principles of what makes Google and this broader period of time great and walk away with an understanding of how they can apply the lessons learned to their own situation back home.

Ted Souder is available for engagements around the world with proper notice ahead of time. Whether your need is a full keynote, a fireside chat or round table discussions, Ted, with his humble nature and energetic personality, is flexible and easy to work with. With an engaging, humorous, interesting yet actionable approach, booking Ted is a unique way to inspire and engage organizations, employees, customers and alike.