Hal Hodson

As Tech Correspondent at The Economist Hal Hodson writes on technology across all sections of the title covering everything from face recognition to high voltage power transmission, from AI to innovation in construction.

Previously as a journalist on New Scientist in Boston and London, Hal conducted a successful two month investigation of the work that DeepMind, Google’s artificial intelligence company, is doing in working with the NHS. He reported on jetpacks and driverless cars, elephant radar, and the making of meat. Hal’s features included genetic engineering, meteorites, waterproof nanotechnology, and artificial hearts – exploring and explaining some of the most exciting technological developments of our times.

Hal Hodson is a highly IT-literate speaker and he is able to present with knowledge and authority on Freedom of Information issues in the US and Europe, on SEC filings, patents and on intellectual property matters.

As well as speaking Hal is the ideal guy to host and to moderate events and debates. And he’s also a keen surfer who co-founded, captained and quarterbacked an American football team at Trinity College Dublin that’s still going strong five years later!