Rebecca Stephens

Rebecca Stephens MBE (born 1961) was the first British woman to climb Mount Everest and went on to become the first British woman to climb each of the highest mountains of the world’s continents.

She is an outstanding speaker on both motivation and teamwork and draws from her personal experiences she inspires the audience into seeing that they may well have underestimated their own personal capabilities both individually and collectively.

On every climbing expedition Rebecca demonstrates endurance, courage and a determination to succeed. Time and time again she has driven herself to new limits to achieve her goals.

It was while working as a journalist that in 1989 she visited Everest for the first time to report on an expedition climbing the North East Ridge. Just four years later, in 1993, she returned to Everest and became the first British woman to successfully reach the summit.

In addition to her mountaineering exploits, Stephens has sailed the Southern Seas to the South Magnetic Pole and Antarctica and crossed the South Atlantic island of South Georgia. With explorers Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Dr. Mike Stroud OBE she took part in the gruelling Eco Challenge race across Canada. This included transport by horses, swimming, climbing, canoeing, white-water rafting and mountain biking across different types of terrain.

With a passionate belief that every individual can achieve goals far beyond their wildest dreams, Rebecca lectures to corporate audiences and schools around the world. She also contributes articles to a number of national newspapers and has regularly appeared on television, most notably on Tomorrow's World.

She has written a compelling account of her ascent of Everest, 'On Top of the World',  a Dorling Kindersley book on mountains, entitled 'Everest', and most recently 'The Seven Summits of Success', co-written with management guru Robert Heller.  She's also been a judge on the Man Booker award for contemporary literature.

Araceli Segarra

She is probably best known as the first Spanish woman to stand on the summit of Everest, and for the numerous climbing expeditions she has organised.

Araceli's interactive presentations are entertaining and inspirational, and serve as an excellent team-building aid to decision makers from the world of business.

Her profound insight into teamwork combined with her excellent communication skills make Araceli an excellent motivator.

She began her prestigious career as one of the world's leading female climbers at the tender age of twenty years, when she successfully climbed Mount Kenya, the highest peak on the African continent. Just one year later she organised and played a leading role in her first major expedition to the Himalaya. But her real breakthrough came in 1996 when as part of the Catalan Everest North Face Expedition Team Araceli stood on top of the world. The expedition was accompanied by the IMAX film crew, and resulted in a spectacular film shown around the world at IMAX theatres and called simply "Everest", which included some of the most beautiful and dramatic footage ever filmed.

Since the expedition Araceli has had a meteoric rise to fame and is now a well-known face on Spanish television presenting a number of programmes as well as presenting extensively on Catalan Radio and Radio 1 in Barcelona.

The multi-faceted, charming and charismatic Araceli is now in great demand as a speaker at leading conferences around the globe. She is undeniably attractive with a wealth of appeal to all organisations, in addition the talented climber is able to present in Spanish, Catalan, English and French.