Maxi Sarwas

As one of Germany's best presenters Maxi Sarwas is a guarantee for making your show, your product or your company a great experience.

She already hosted a lot more than 2500 events as well as many TV-, and web-shows. She is also high-skilled in dealing with greenbox, prompter, timings for voice-overs and ear buds during live shows.

Maxi is feeling comfortable at any type of event: As well as in front of a camera, on stage at an evening event, on-location or during exhibitions.

Her interest in a wide range of subjects and specific industry sectors is equally diversified: from the automotive sector via business, engineering and sport to lifestyle, fashion and wellness.

Beeing a bilingual and trilingual presenter (German, English, Italian) is self-evident for Maxi and her journalistic background as a skilled TV-poducer as well as her studies (German, history of arts and Italian) give her the opportunity to generate an fantastic arc of suspense on stage.

Her interviews are always charming, confident and full of curiosity...