Michael Altshuler

First and foremost, Michael Altshuler is a man strongly committed to his faith, family, and friends.

When it comes to business, Michael is a top-rated motivational speaker, success coach and peak performance &sales expert, as well as being a Bestselling author and host of the popular Podcast Show: The RESULTS Podcast.

Michael's keynotes engage, entertain, and transform audiences like no other. He is passion personified. And audiences feel it! That's why he receives over 95% Five Star reviews. Companies across America hire Michael because he doesn't just walk the talk, he's runs it. He shares real-world stories from being on the hit TV show American Gladiators, to building a multi-million-dollar copier company in his twenties that he sold to the multi-billion-dollar giant IKON Office Solutions, and how he broke sales records in the Insurance industry in his first three months in the business. Suffice ti to say, Michael speaks from experience.

It hasn't always been sunshine and rainbows for Michael though. After making millions, Michael had a couple of serious financial setbacks, lost millions, and had to file bankruptcy. Life and business are a battle, and Michael presents to his audiences the game plan on how to persist and be resilient to stay in the game and win that battle.

The reason audiences connect a n d relate to Michael's message is because he speaks their language. His message is real, relevant, and results-driven! He's been in the trenches just like they have, has experienced similar challenges, and has savored many of the same victories. His war stories are legendary. Whether it's the millions he sold to the Trump Organization or how he took on and consistently slayed the industry giant Xerox corporation. Michael's message is clear, compelling, and actionable... always moving the needle in performance and driving mind-blowing results!

Awards and Recognition

  • New Jersey State Governor's Cup for Entrepreneurial Excellence
  • Atlantic City Entrepreneur of the Year award
  • Salvation Army's Community Builder award
  • Competed on the hit TV show American Gladiators
  • Featured in outlets such as ABC, NBC and the New York Times
  • Michael was featured in Harvey Mackay's best-selling book, "We Got Fired and it's the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Us" alongside such notables as, Michael Bloomberg, Donald Trump, Larry King and other world-class leaders.