Dhiraj Mukherjee

Dhiraj Mukherjee Co-founded Shazam, the world’s first mobile phone-based music recognition service. He was responsible for it’s successful UK launch, and helped guide Shazam through two financial Crises. Dhiraj was recognised as one of Europe’s Top 50 technology entrepreneurs by the Financial Times, and Shazam exited to Apple for a reported $400 million in 2018.

As the head of banking innovation at Virgin Money, he was responsible for developing digital banking services aimed at serving 2.2 million students in the United Kingdom, and has worked as a senior technology consultant and innovator at, Infosys, Reuters and Bain. Dhiraj focusses on building ‘foresight,’ sharing how leaders can harness the new intersection of technology and impact, what he calls, Capitalism 2.0.

Dhiraj remains close to the edge of technology by Impact Investing in mission-driven companies. Mentoring these startups and sharing his insights on resilience and leadership, Dhiraj has unique access to the intersection of technology and impact. He has co-invested alongside Bill Gates Breakthrough Energy fund, Google Ventures and AI Gore’s Generation Investment Management.

As a professional speaker Dhiraj focuses on helping senior executives build the foresight and resilience needed to scale a digital business, and navigate an uncertain future characterised by Capitalism 2.0. Dhiraj speaks 8 languages, and has spoken to clients in over 15 countries, including Google, Airbus, Vodafone, Santander and The Economist.

Dhiraj has a degree in Mathematical Economics from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Stanford University’s school of Business. His goal is to support ambitious entrepreneurs and senior leaders on their journey to creating Capitalism 2.0.