Claude Silver

Claude Silver’s life’s purpose is to be of joyful service and unlock emotional optimism in all.

Cultivating Emotional Optimism is the most effective tool in revealing the greatness that resides within people. The key lies in the heart.

Claude is the first-ever Chief Heart Officer. She takes her calling seriously and it has led her down a path of working with and working for close to 1,000 employees at VaynerMedia to integrate heart into their professional lives and become the best version of themselves and best leaders they can be.

There has never been a better time to concentrate on bringing humanity, emotional intelligence, equity, and diversity into the workplace; cultivating cultures, connections and communication-this is what will take teams to the next level of success in all areas of business, and it all begins and ends with heart.

As a motivational speaker, thought leader and industry trend setter, Claude focus on teaching people and organizations how to disrupt the traditional HR model with the use of emotional optimism and heart-centered leadership to develop elite performance, create cultures of belonging, empower teams to be purpose-driven, efficient, and strong, and infuses companies with empathy, humanity, and joy.