Roger Bootle

Roger Bootle is one of the City of London’s best-known economists. As well as running Capital Economics, which he founded in 1999, Roger is also a Specialist Adviser to the House of Commons Treasury Committee and an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries. He was formerly Group Chief Economist of HSBC and, under the previous Conservative government, he was appointed one of the Chancellor’s panel of Independent Economic Advisers, the so-called ‘Wise Men’. In 2012, Roger and a team from Capital Economics won the Wolfson Prize, the second biggest prize in Economics after the Nobel.

Roger Bootle studied at Oxford University and then became a Lecturer in Economics at St Anne’s College, Oxford. Most of his subsequent career has been spent in the City of London.

Roger has written many articles and several books on monetary economics. His latest book, The Trouble with Europe analyses what has gone wrong with the EU and what needs to be done to put it right. This follows The Trouble with Markets, which analyses the deep causes of the recent financial crisis and discusses the threats to capitalism arising from it. Like his previous book, Money for Nothing, which correctly anticipated the financial crisis, it has been widely acclaimed. This followed the success of The Death of Inflation, published in 1996, which became a best-seller and was subsequently translated into nine languages. Roger is also joint author of the bookTheory of Money, and author of Index-Linked Gilts.

Roger appears frequently on television and radio and is also a regular columnist for The Daily Telegraph. In The Comment Awards 2012 he was named Economics Commentator of the year. Roger is a much sought after performer at conferences and business gatherings around the world.

Eduardo Aninat

Eduardo Aninat was born in 1948 city of Concepción – historically known for its strong manufacturing industry. After taking his primary and secondary education, studying at St. George's College in Santiago and later commercial engineering at Catholic University in Chile, in late 70's Eduardo obtained a M. A. and Ph. D. in Economics from Harvard University.

In 1981 he joined Aninat, Mendez and Associates, one of the largest consulting firms in Latin America. Eduardo left this post in 1994 with over a decade consulting experience for such international institutions as the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, advising a number of governments on matters ranging from tax policy to debt restructuring. While working as a economy consultant in 1989 Eduardo became Harvard University Latin American coordinator for the international tax program.

After presidential elections in 1990 Eduardo was nominated as a Chilean Government adviser. Holding a range of economic positions in the Chilean Government; these included chief senior negotiator for bilateral Canada-Chile trade agreement, chief debt negotiator and senior advisor of the Central Bank of Chile and the Ministry of Finance. While in the office of the Ministry of Finance Aninat managed to decrease inflation from 8% to 6%, deeping the liberal line of directing economy. From 1994 till 1999 he was the chairmen of the board of governors of the International Monetary Found, representing Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, and Paraguay, involved in discussions on issues such as international policies for heavily indebted poor countries to the proposals for reform of the international financial architecture. Till 2003 he served IMF as a Deputy Managing Director.

Eduardo Aninat is formally the president of the Social Equity Forum (SEF) organized under the sponsorship of the Inter-American Development Bank to elevate social equity concerns to the forefront of macroeconomic and sectorial policy debates, and advance successful public policies in Latin America and the Caribbean. He is also on the board of directors of the Institute of the Americas.

Mr. Aninat was a member of the Board of Directors of ACCION International, non-profit organization with the mission of giving people the financial tools they need to improve their lives, one of the world’s leading micro-finance organizations. Dedicated to promoting economic growth through public-private partnership in trade infrastructure and investment Eduardo Aninat is one of the most essential people in world's economy.