Jos Dirkx

Are you looking for an energetic, personable and experienced speaker, who will undoubtedly move your audience and shine light on your event? Look no further!

Jos Dirkx is a passionate and articulate speaker who inspires any audience - her experience traveling to over 100 countries in addition to her career as World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, SU Faculty and award-winning author, make her an irresistible add-on to any event.

Jos speaks with authenticity about critical global trends. She breaks down how leaders can maximize great ideas and high-performing teams in a rapidly changing world. If you want your audience to feel inspired and enlightened about purpose and work, Jos is sure to deliver.

Jos goes where others don't. Her extraordinary life across fifteen countries - from Bangladesh, to Senegal, to Norway, to Canada, to Brazil…and more - means she brings the world to your audience and your audience to the world. Through stories and science, your audience is left feeling connected, energized and freshly informed about hot topics like diversity, culture and education

Jos speaks six languages, has written two books and is working on her third: "Why Great Ideas Die", a how-to guide for 21st century innovation. The ability to deliver against client expectations and seamlessly connect across diverse cultures lies at the core of what Jos embodies, evidenced by countless client testimonials and accolades.

Her speeches for top executives - from global banks, to advertising agencies, to large corporations - are honest, clear and engaging and her audience is left with practical tools for actionable change.

She has worked hand-in-hand with global dignitaries, including UN officials, a Nobel Peace Prize Winner, and Fortune50 CEOs. With experience across the US, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, Jos builds connections seamlessly to motivate, inspire and move the audience. She has spoken at online conferences, with virtual audiences of up to 24, 000 viewers. Her energy, enthusiasm and ability to connect with any audience means a guaranteed opportunity for engagement and enlightenment.

Jos connects with corporate and casual audiences alike - embodying a natural, engaging and honest demeanor.