Jeremy White

Jeremy White is a technology expert and executive editor of WIRED magazine’s UK edition, Conde Nast's award-winning technology and innovations magazine that both predicts and charts the trends transforming businesses.

In charge of analysing and identifying emerging trends and technological shifts that will affect both consumers and businesses, Jeremy is an expert speaker in a multitude of subjects from AI and cybersecurity to disruption in financial services and autonomous mobility, as well as the emergence of Quantum computing.

From delivering compelling keynotes littered with real-world examples to hosting and moderating, as well as stage interviews including Nico Rosberg and Marcus Engman, head of design at IKEA, Jeremy's expansive knowledge of the product world and forecasting design and tech trends has seen him be commissioned for consultancy services to some of the world's largest consumer brands on industrial design and user experience.

Jeremy also appears on the BBC and Sky News and has been writing about technology for more than 15 years. Before WIRED, Jeremy was a digital editor at the Financial Times, and prior to that was technology editor at Esquire magazine.