Kate Ancketill

Kate is the CEO and founder of business futurist consultancy GDR. For 25 years she has been the innovation partner to more than 30 of the world’s largest brands: P&G, Tesco, Target, Sephora, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Moet Hennessy, Costa Coffee, The BBC, and Lego among them.

Her visually spectacular multi-media presentations draw from many industry sectors and all physical and digital channels, with a 3-5 year future time- frame. Every presentation is created specifically for your audience, with never-seen-before innovations that demonstrate successful adaptation to changing consumer behaviour.

Kate’s insights have often been road-tested at board level, and every presentation benefits from the input of GDR’s researchers and strategists.

Kate is a tech optimist, known for making complex global shifts in technology, geopolitics, demographics, economics and consumer behaviour relatable to anyone in business who needs to understand and adapt to today’s faster-than-ever changing commercial landscape.