Silvina Moschini

An award winning serial entrepreneur, international speaker and author, Silvina Moschini has established herself as one of the foremost experts on the digital economy, the future of money, and how Web3 blockchain technologies and token-based economics are transforming and disrupting wealth-creation.

She is the President and Co-founder of Unicoin, a next-generation coin from the producers of Unicorn Hunters, that is equity-backed and designed to be profitable and stable. Unicoin solves for volatility, the greatest challenge of traditional crypto, by offering its holders inherent value through equity positions in high-growth companies.

Silvina is the executive producer of Unicorn Hunters, a platform that democratizes wealth by connecting high-growth companies looking for funding to hit the coveted $1B “unicorn” valuation with people around the world who are seeking lucrative investment opportunities. She stars in the show as a Circle of Money cast member, alongside Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and Rosie Rios, 43rd Treasurer of the United States.

She is also the co-founder of solutions that harness the cloud to connect businesses and on-demand talent, including TransparentBusiness software-as-a-service, a remote workforce management platform and the Founder and CEO of SheWorks!, an innovative platform that leverages technology to close the gender gap.

With a unique perspective on technology’s influence on business and social impact, Silvina was the only featured entrepreneur for W20 Argentina, the G20’s advisory group on gender-inclusive economic growth, was an invited participant at the Global Entrepreneur Summit 2022 and in 2019 she led the Innovation panel at the President’s Summit of the Americas, a gathering of leading CEOs and Chiefs of States.

She is a regular contributor to CNN en Espanol, the World Economic Forum’s Agenda blog and her expertise is sought after by national and international media including CNBC, CCTV and Forbes. In 2020, she received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from Women in Tech® and was named “Woman of the Decade” by the Women Economic Forum, which also recognized SheWorks! with the “Iconic Companies Creating a Better World for All” award for its efforts in creating equality for women. In 2019, Silvina received the Equals In Tech Award, the global initiative of the United Nations that recognizes projects with the greatest impact to close the digital gender gap.