Dominik Neidhart

Dominik Neidhart is a management consultant, global speaker and coach on the subject of cooperation culture. He was also a member of the winning Alinghi team that won the prestigious America’s Cup.

He continues to be an active sailor and inspires decision-makers from all over the world on the topics of teamwork, motivation, achieving goals and mastering challenges.

His unique vision and living knowledge of the irrepressible power of optimally bundled competencies as well as the in-depth know-how about building a successful culture of cooperation make Dominik novel in that he can share first-hand knowledge and experiences with the audiences that he speaks to.

In four different America's Cup Challenges - in a less than successful start-up project, a triumphant victory and a bitter defeat - he was able to gain rich experiences from sailing and apply them while helping leaders understand complex organizations, demanding management, and how successful teamwork can affect the success of a company. He has scientifically processed these experiences about teamwork and also published them.

With his lectures on practical cooperation, Dominik Neidhart supports committed industrial and service companies in their cultural transformation. He is adept at steering them away from the internal competition culture towards a successful culture of cooperation.