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Antoni Lacinai Communication Expert, Inspirational Speaker and Professional Moderator.<br />
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Antoni Lacinai Speaker Profile

Communication Expert, Inspirational Speaker and Professional Moderator.

– 10 KEYS TO GREAT COMMUNICATION at your workplace and with customers,
– BETTER MEETINGS. Face to face or virtual. How to set them up, run them and get great results
About speaker:

Antoni Lacinai’s mission is to help you reach your goals easier through great communication when meeting other people.

If you are a manager, looking for ways to improve team communication or lead engaging meetings, if you want your sales staff (or stand staff) to be more competent in building relationships and get better results, then this is exactly the core competence Antoni Lacinai offers.

Antoni Lacinai’s passion is communication between people. He has spent the last decades thinking, speaking and writing about communication, motivation, leadership, performance, etc. He is particularly interested in why some people are more successful than others at reaching their goals, leading people and communicating with clarity, energy and empathy.

Antoni Lacinai is a columnist and the author of six books. He travels around the world speaking at conferences, moderating seminars, facilitating strategic workshops and coaching people to become more skilled communicators.

Antoni is highly appreciated both as a speaker and as a moderator. He has a unique ability to create a warm atmosphere and his communication style can be described as a mix of positive energy, and high clarity.

He lives with his family in the southern parts of Sweden, Scandinavia where is a member of the Swedish National Speakers Association.


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