Davy Liu keynote speaker

Former Disney Animator
  • A Marbled Past with a Diamond Destiny
  • From The Lion King to the King of kings or Give God Your Best Years
  • Think Like a Cow Or a Cowboy?
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You may not immediately recognize his name, but if you or your children have admired Disney’s animated films including „The Lion King”, Beauty and the Beast”, “Aladdin”, and “Mulan”, Davy Liu’s talent has already elevated your kids’ imaginations, influenced their thinking and impacted their values.

Davy’s passion for his work was instilled within at a young age. As a child, he loved to use pencil and pastel to visually capture every aspect of life. At the age of thirteen, his family immigrated from Taiwan to the United States. After struggling through most of his academic years, he found refuge in his natural artistic talent— winning national awards.

After graduating from Florida’s Ringling School of Arts and Design, his artistic talent quickly led him to work for Walt Disney Feature Animation on classic films such as: Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Mulan, and The Lion King. He also worked for Warner Brothers on Space Jam and Quest of Camelot. In 1998, he worked for George Lucas at Industrial Light and Magic as an art director and worked on Star Wars Episode I and Frankenstein. In 2000, he was nominated as the most distinctive illustrator, gracing the pages of Business Week, Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal and The Super Bowl.

Davy founded Kendu Films in 2004 and has published the picture book series, Invisible Tails, consisting of The Giant Leaf, Fire Fish, Jordan’s Guest, The Royal Feast and Enchanted Tree.

These are the underpinning values of KENDU, an animated film studio dedicated to Godly excellence in storytelling, animated content and production quality. These ideals form the overarching impetus behind KENDU’s book series The Invisible Tails. And from The Invisible Tails KENDU’s first feature length animated film, The Giant Leaf will follow.

You might like to know that as a motivational speaker with a deep love for God, Davy has spoken at more than 1,500 church services, conferences and corporate events including TEDx, EO, Deutsch Bank Singapore, Amway, P&G and Prudential Life.

Davy and his wife, Joan, reside in southern California.


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