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Janjaap Ruijssenaars keynote speaker

Architect and Inventor
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Architect, urban planner and inventor Janjaap Ruijssenaars is internationally known for his innovative projects, such as:

Gravity Energy; a patented technique that harnesses the omnipresent force of gravity to generate electricityin a more efficient way.

Reuters: ‘’Gravity energy generator could revolutionize renewables’’.

Floating Bed; A piece of furniture on a magnetic field that was awarded best invention of the year.

TIME Magazine: ‘’Your eyes do not deceive you: that sleek slab levitating in midair is in fact a bed, and it is floating unsupported.’’

Landscape House; an infinite building without an end or a beginning that will be 3d printed.

TIME: ‘’The 3D-Printed House?! A Dutch Architect and a mathematician Break the Mold’’.

Square House; a world premier that revolutionized terraced housing by giving more living quality at a higher density.

ANP: ‘’Architect breaks with airless terraced housing and creates 360 degree views.’’

Janjaap talked on his inventions at many venues amongst which TEDX Maastricht (Netherlands), University of Cambridge (England) and NEXT Berlin (Germany). In his talks he elaborates on the creation ofan eco-system of internationally acclaimed partners to make those inventions a reality.

He will share the latest hurdles he took and progress he is making towards success.

Janjaap was educated at the Technical University Delft (Netherlands), University Barcelona (Spain) andWestern State College of Colorado (USA). After graduating as an architect he started Universe Architecture Ltd.and, later on, Gravity Energy Ltd. As senior urban designer he works with stakeholders on the densification of Amsterdam. The city is facing an enormous task of building 50.000 houses before 2025.


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