Stephan Ulamec keynote speaker

Philae Lander Manager
Head Rosetta Lander
German Arospace Center Space Operations and Astronaut Training
  • Astronaut Training
  • PHILAE Spacecraft
  • Rosetta Mission
  • Space Operations
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Stephan Ulamec (born in 1966) studied geophysics in Graz, where he received his doctorate in 1991.

He became a Research Fellow for the European Space Agency, where he worked on the preparation of planetary science missions like Rosetta or Marsnet .

A cornerstone mission of the European space program (ESA Cornerstone Mission, Horizon 2000) is the Rosetta mission which Dr. Ulamec was the head.

The Rosetta probe is the first spacecraft to examine a comet over an extended period of time at close range with a considerable amount of scientific payloads.

A prominent part of the mission is the Rosetta Lander PHILAE - Stephan Ulamec is the project manager for PHILAE - provided by an international consortium.

PHILAE is controlled by DLRs user center for space experiments in Cologne from its Lander Control Center. Philae is the first spacecraft to touch down on a comet and acquire images of its surface, examine ground samples, analyse organic substances and more.

He is also involved in MASCOT (small lander for the Japanese Hayabusa 2 mission to a near-Earth asteroid) and the planning and design of future missions Mission to comets and asteroids, with NASA and JAXA.

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