Georges Maurice

Georges Maurice is an International Real Estate Professional, Speaker and Instructor with over 30 years of experience in global training, marketing, branding, strategic sales and management in the real estate and pharmaceutical industries.

Georges is a U.S. National who lived on three continents and is fluent in English, Arabic and French. Georges is a Consultant to Dubai Real Estate Institute, the educational arm of the Dubai Land Department, drafting curricula, modifying and updating certification courses, continuous education courses, and property courses for non-realtors, special corporate- tailored trainings, and concentrated courses for aspiring students and future realtors. Georges has on the ground experience in the Middle East region and has amassed a wealth of experience from complex multi-national transactions.

Georges assisted in developing industry guidelines, and was a member of the committee adapting and modifying U.S. Owners Association Curriculum CAI to the region standards. He has quickly become the go-to expert for realtors and investors, the sought after speaker for global conferences as well as regional business, news and real estate television programs on all Dubai property matters including the effects of the Global Crisis and Arab Spring and cross cultural deal negotiations. Georges is an accredited Real Estate Trainer in a wide variety of courses on topics including: strategies for success for real estate agents; assessments of real estate trends and local market analysis; marketing techniques; communication negotiation and sales strategies; practical approaches to improving your real estate business; owners associations; timeshares; and cross-cultural training.

He has an exceptional ability to inspire, interact and entertain to his audience of all ages and backgrounds. His dynamic teaching styles and insight into the real estate market radiate optimism and motivation. Georges also mentors thousands of realtors in the Middle East through his work with real estate training institute programs. Georges also held the position of Operation Manager of a reputable real estate firm at the height of the Dubai property market, growing the firm to over ten times its original size; managing commercial sales, residential sales, leasing, business development, investor management, open sales and project sales divisions; setting corporate strategies, corporate policies and goals; and transacting business with investors from various countries.

Georges also provided training on project management, crisis management, loss and profit analysis, business development, selling skills and best practices, negotiations in striking a deal, marketing techniques, client relationship building, time management as well as related topics of self improvement at Boehringer Ingelheim Gmbh.

Georges is a US National Association of Realtors (NAR) Global Member and also awarded the designation of Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), and a Certified Owner Association Manager. Georges was the Dubai Delegate to the 2011 NAR Convention in Anaheim, California. Georges is a Fellow Rotarian and a life chartered member of the U.S. Republican Task Force.