Robin Speculand

Robin Speculand lives and breathes strategy and digital implementation. He supports C-Suite and Boards in transforming their organizations and is well known for his innovative approaches.

He is one of the world’s most prolific writers on the subject, having published six books that include his latest, the Amazon number one bestseller World’s Best Bank – A Strategic Guide to Digital Transformation and the Strategy Implementation Playbook: A Step-By-Step Guide.

This strategy and digital implementation specialist is a sought-after consultant and keynote speaker who has founded three companies and three business associations. In 2000, he recognized that executives talked “strategy” with little focus on “implementation” and he started Bridges Business Consultancy Int to support leaders in their implementation journey. He later co- founded and co-runs the Strategy Implementation Institute and Digital Leadership Specialists.

Robin has pioneered a number of breakthrough methodologies and techniques that feature the Implementation CompassTM, a proprietary framework built on the eight areas for excellence for execution; Ticking Clock© Model, a framework for creating a digitally driven organization; Digital Maturity Index, a self-assessment that reveals a person’s level of digital maturity; and the Digital Best Practices Benchmark.

In 2014, Robin recognized how digital transformations presented different challenges from previous strategy implementations and turned his focus to supporting executives in this perilous journey. That year, two of his clients, the world's best bank and the world's largest luxury company, both became early adopters of digital transformation.

In 2018, he conducted research with nearly 2,000 leaders across three continents, resulting in the publication of this highly acclaimed business white paper: Transforming Your Company into a Digital- Driven Business.

Robin’s innovative approaches have been featured in such media worldwide as BBC World, CNBC and Forbes. A TEDx speaker and educator for Duke CE, IMD, and Singapore Management University, he is also a Harvard-listed and award-winning case study writer.

In 2021, Robin was co-nominated with Piyush Gupta, CEO of DBS Bank, for the Thinkers50 Ideas into Practice Award. In 2021 and again in 2022, he was awarded the Business Strategist Singapore title and is included in the Top 15 list of Global Gurus.

The First Minister of Scotland has named this Scotsman a GlobalScot for his passionate contribution to international business. Outside of work, Robin competes in Ironman events worldwide.