Dina Abdel Karim

Dina is a renowned Egyptian media luminary, parliament member, and global communicator, known originally for her roles as a TV host, writer, and producer. With a multifaceted career spanning media, youth empowerment, and medical tourism, Dina is also an accomplished entrepreneur, having founded three successful companies in these dynamic fields.

In addition to her impactful media presence, Dina is a seasoned coach specializing in mentoring C-level business professionals, leveraging her extensive expertise to guide and empower leaders in various industries.

Dina is celebrated for her ability to deliver captivating talks and presentations in both Arabic and English, captivating audiences worldwide with her insights and charisma. She consistently leaves a lasting impact on her audiences, providing them with new knowledge, transformative experiences, and an inspiring "WAAW" (Words of Action and Wisdom) to carry forward.