Nina Jane Patel

Nina Jane Patel, a trailblazer in the realms of technology, culture, and mental health, stands as a testament to innovation and thought leadership. Her unique blend of expertise as an award-winning entrepreneur, psychotherapist, and researcher sets her apart in today’s digital landscape. Her doctoral research, delving into the physiological and psychological aspects of the Metaverse, has been instrumental in understanding the complex interplay between digital environments and human emotions.

Nina's work has not only earned her acclaim in Canada and the UK but has also resonated on a global scale. Her insights and expertise are featured across prestigious platforms like BBC, DW, CNN, NHK, CNBC, British Vogue, and Good Morning America 3. Her affiliation with significant institutions, including the Royal Society for the Arts and the International Society for Performing Arts, underscores her impact as a cultural and technological beacon.

As a co-founder of Kabuni, an innovative platform dedicated to creating safe and educational spaces in the Metaverse, Nina has been pivotal in shaping the future of digital interaction. Her role at Kabuni highlights her commitment to developing technologies that are not only advanced but also empathetic and user-centric.

Nina's influence extends to leading tech events and think tanks. She has shone on stages like London Tech Week, London AI Summit, Digilogue Istanbul '22, and Silicon Valley Comes to UK. Her expertise is sought after by institutions such as The UK House of Lords, National Online Safety, Institute of Government & Public Policy, and Institute for Connected Communities, showcasing her profound impact on the technology horizon.

Nina's contributions to global safety and digital policy are further exemplified through her work with Interpol and the World Economic Forum. As a key member of Interpol's Tech Expert Group and an influential participant at the World Economic Forum, Nina is at the forefront of discussions and initiatives that shape international policies and practices in technology, emphasizing safety, ethics, and human-centric approaches. Her role in these international bodies is not just as a contributor but as an advocate for creating a safer, more insightful digital future. Nina’s dedication to these causes highlights her commitment to ensuring that technological advancements are aligned with ethical standards and the well-being of users worldwide.

With a firm foundation in research and a visionary outlook, Nina is not just a speaker or a consultant; she is a catalyst for change. Her ability to foresee the challenges and opportunities of the digital era positions her as a crucial figure in guiding the development of a responsible and enlightened digital world.

Nina's eagerness to collaborate with like-minded professionals and organizations reflects her belief in collective effort. She invites connections and partnerships that share her vision of a digital realm where safety, insight, and progress are not just aspirations but realities.

In sum, Nina Jane Patel's career and contributions make her an indispensable luminary in the tech- driven world. Her multifaceted expertise, global influence, and unwavering commitment to innovation and education continue to drive meaningful change, making her an inspirational figure in shaping a better digital future for all.