Ian Scott

Ian Scott is an authority on the management of strategy, change and knowledge in the private and public sectors. A senior figure at the World Bank for 25 years and adviser to governments throughout the world, he has advised the chief executives and senior management teams of global corporations in, among others, the hydrocarbons, pharmaceutical and software industries and has given pro bono advice to the chief executives of several multilateral organizations.

Ian is Executive Director of the Emerging Markets Symposium at the University of Oxford and an Associate Fellow of Green Templeton College, Oxford having previously held academic appointments at Templeton College, Oxford, St. Antony’s College, Oxford and the London Business School.

He has authored, co-authored and edited books on Mexico, knowledge management, the future of rural England and (reflecting a lifelong interest) maritime heritage and has written more than 200 articles, papers and reports on economic development, corporate strategy, corporate change and knowledge management.

He is a frequent broadcaster for the BBC and ITV in Britain, wrote a regular column on America for an English daily paper for ten years and is deeply involved in the preservation of maritime heritage in the USA and the UK.  His book, The Return of the Tide, an anthology of essays on economic, social, political and environmental change was published in 2010.

He is a sought after speaker on corporate strategy, change management and knowledge management and is versatile. His more than forty years of experience in direct dialogue with heads of state, senior political figures, chief executives and other senior managers in government and the private sector; his proven ability to communicate with both large and intimate groups in multicultural settings; his engaging speaking style; and his record of client satisfaction make Ian Scott an excellent choice for a variety of speaking engagements.