Tia White

Tia White is a true disruptor with the ability to think big. She pioneered multiple major transformations including Public Cloud Migrations and Data Transformations well before they were a focus of most organizations. She has held executive roles at multiple Fortune 100 companies, getting her start at Wells Fargo, followed by roles at Capital One and JPMorgan Chase & Company before her current role as the General Manager of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Adtech and MarTech at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Tia has built and led global teams and prides herself on being a people-first leader with the
ability to deliver paramount results.

In her current role, she is responsible for owning go-to-market, product, and engineering for a portfolio of services on track to exceed profits of more than $25M including one of the fastest-growing services at AWS. Getting her start as an engineer, she quickly grew and expanded her scope to become a Director of Engineering at a Fortune 100 company before the age of 30. Throughout her career, she has helped companies harness the power of disruptive and emerging technologies to grow and improve the customer experience as well as lead massive transformations.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity has been a passion of Tia’s since she entered corporate America. It’s not a hobby, but a mission she lives day in and out – creating a STEM world where women, Black and Brown people are no longer a minority. To that end, she has held various leadership positions over the past 10 years, championing and executing corporate and CEO-led councils, programs, and strategies. With a focus on recruiting, retaining, and developing underrepresented talent across the technology field she has created mentoring programs for college-aged women of color, worked directly with Women Who Code on creating unique Summer Immersion Programs, and has helped companies more than double their Black tech and engineering population and massively grow their women population. She is very involved in her community and passionate about educating the next generation in tech, with a focus on minority women. She serves on numerous non-profit boards including Rewriting the Code, which supports early-career women from 800+ colleges and universities and 81 countries with a passion for technology.

As a woman in tech and a single mother, Tia believes in the power and support of a "village” to create a healthy home and work life. She speaks to the importance of mentorship, sponsorship, and allyship in and out of the workplace. Tia has been featured in Forbes and has spoken and emceed at several large conferences including SXSW and Grace Hopper speaking on a variety of topics ranging from engineering to professional development.