Paolo Tasca

Dr. Paolo Tasca is a professor, economist and renowned expert in distributed systems, blockchain and web3. He is the founder of two notable blockchain organisations - the University College London Centre for Blockchain Technologies (UCL) and the Distributed Ledger Technology Science Foundation (DSF). Both non-profit organisations seek to promote the adoption of blockchain technology in business and society through the promotion of education, research and ecosystem partnerships.

Paolo is a sought-after advisor in blockchain, CBDCs and web3. He serves on the advisory boards/executive committees of several companies and organisations, including Hedera Hashgraph, Ripple, INATBA, and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), among others.

He has also consulted for and worked with the United Nations, the European Parliament, the FED Cleveland, the European Central Bank, the central banks of Italy, Chile, Brazil, Colombia and Canada, Nexo, and several international blockchain consortiums.

Alongside these roles, Dr. Tasca has founded and exited several successful blockchain/digital asset companies.

He previously served as the lead economist for digital currencies and P2P financial systems at the German Central Bank (Deutsche Bundesbank) in Frankfurt.

He is the co-editor of four leading books in web3 and blockchain - “Banking Beyond Banks and Money” (Springer), “Enabling the Internet of Value,” “Blockchain Economics,” and “Digital Assets: Pricing, Allocation and Regulation.” He has co-authored several academic articles, whitepapers, and books, including “The FinTech Book”, among others. He previously edited both the Journal of Risk Finance and the Journal of Digital Banking and currently serves as Specialty Chief Editor for Blockchain Economics and Frontiers in Blockchain. He is the author of several papers and opinion pieces regarding system risk, peer-to-peer systems and blockchain technologies, which have been published in the New York Times, Quantitative Finance, the Journal of Alternative Investments, and others.

He received a PhD in business from ETH Zurich and Università Ca'​ Foscari Venezia, an MSc in economics and finance from Università Ca'​ Foscari Venezia, and an M.A. in politics and economics from the Università degli Studi di Padova.