Kjell Nordstrom

With Ghandi-like charisma and a unique ability to predict the future, Kjell A. Nordström is one of the world’s most loved and sought-after lecturers. An expert on multinational organizations, Nordström has helped companies – and, indeed, entire societies – to navigate periods of growth and crisis since the 1990s. His mastery of his craft, sharp eye for detail and deep experience infuse his keynotes and leave few in his audiences unaffected.

Dr. Nordström is a prolific writer, in his seventh book, Momentum (2023), co-written with Per Schlingmann, he examines how the world has been affected by the pandemic, the climate crisis and the war in Ukraine. His stance: we are in the middle of a historic moment where citizens, co-workers and capital all expect something new — and the consequences will be all-encompassing.

With a rare prophetic accuracy, Kjell A. Nordström has predicted several important keys to success for organisations in our rapidly changing world. He correctly identified difference and ‘otherness’ as competitive advantages, cities as the new primary agents of the world, and the subtle yet thorough effects of women permeating all levels of society — long before other great minds in business. And although we can only predict the future based on what we know today, a Nordström lecture is your chance to equip your organisation with the most up-to-date thinking.

Dr. Nordström bases his observations and predictions on reliable research, the latest movements on the global market and his unparalleled experience and insight. He conducted research in Lahore and Beijing in the 1990s and monitored and assisted in the reconstruction of countries like Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union. For three decades he has been engaging with the world’s most influential and cutting-edge companies and he consistently tops lists of the greatest management minds in Europe. As such, Nordström is uniquely positioned to observe the movement of powerful global forces and to show his audiences how the future will unfold. When Kjell A. Nordström enters the stage, be prepared for an elegant and captivating lecture that promises to inspire, inform and spellbind.

With several bestselling books and years of cutting-edge research behind them, Nordström’s lectures are guaranteed to make your organisation a stronger competitor in the international arena. Will our globalised world continue to expand, or will it fracture into regional ‘oligons’? Will the workforce of tomorrow be dominated by educated women in cities? How will working conditions and societies change when city centres are hollowed into donuts? Is climate change the greatest business opportunity since the industrial revolution?

These are just a few of the questions Dr. Nordström seeks to answer– and his answers will surprise you.

Be inspired to look to the future. Discover the hidden potential in your company. Explore the opportunities offered by global markets. Learn about next-generation business, work life and society structures. In a tailor-made and unique session with Nordström, be it a keynote speech or management workshop, you will learn how to spot and understand the global forces shaping the future, so that you can make your own predictions.

Kjell A. Nordström had his international breakthrough with the influential Funky Business (1999), co-written with Jonas Ridderstråle. His successful predictions about the new millennium launched his career as an international lecturer and led to frequent appearances on news channels including CNN and CNBC and countless interviews in other news outlets and magazines. Further success followed with Karaoke Capitalism (2003) and Funky Business Forever (2007).

Along with co-author Per Schlingmann, Nordström wrote the bestselling Urban Express (2014) and Corona Express (2021), books dealing with the workplaces, cities and societies of the future. In their latest book Momentum (2023) they describes how the leaders and managers of tomorrow will be shaped by war, pandemics and climate change. His first book for teens, The Monkey and the Capital, will also be in bookshops soon.

Nordström has a doctoral degree in International Business from the Stockholm School of Economics, where he has also played a central role at the prestigious Institute for International Business as one of the founders of the schools most sought after management programs, “The Advanced Management Program – AMP”. AMP was a top-management program that attracted the elite of Scandinavian executives.

When Kjell A. Nordström is not researching or delivering keynote speeches, he is an active investor, committed entrepreneur and theatre aficionado. He runs a prominent Shakespeare group, putting on performances on the Swedish vacation paradise island of Gotland. He serves as advisor to many international companies and makes regular appearances on TV.