Michelle Silverthorn

Michelle Silverthorn is a trailblazer in the field of diversity and inclusion, advocating for new voices to be heard in an ever-changing workplace. With a wealth of experience as an organizational inclusion expert and a highly sought after global keynote speaker, Michelle has lent her expertise to Fortune 500 companies, banks, law firms, startups, Hollywood studios, universities, and non-profits. From small workshops to industry conferences, Michelle equips everyone with the necessary tools and skills to finally make real progress on inclusion.

After graduating from Princeton University and the University of Michigan Law School, Michelle worked as an attorney in New York and Chicago before founding the diversity consulting firm, Inclusion Nation. She is a TEDx speaker, developer of the Inclusion LAUNCH diversity e-learning series, and author of the best-selling book Authentic Diversity: How to Change the Workplace for Good."

Michelle now travels the world delivering over 100 speeches and workshops each year - in-person and online. Her expertise has been recognized in a variety of media outlets, including NPR, PBS, Bloomberg, the Chicago Tribune, and Fortune Magazine. Prior to Inclusion Nation, Michelle’s professional journey took her to many corners of the globe, including jobs in Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, Botswana, Kazakhstan, and Switzerland. She has experienced a wide range of cultures and lifestyles, from her childhood in the beautiful Caribbean to her current home in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Through it all, Michelle has remained committed to a singular goal – building inclusive spaces where everyone can belong and succeed.