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Global Leadership and Teamwork Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Author, Chief Operating Officer, Nonprofit Founder, Impact Maker
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When the stakes are high and the team is struggling to meet the demands, Jen Buck provides individuals and organizations with the strategies they need to inspire themselves and their teams to their greatest heights, achieving more than they ever thought possible.

For the last 25 years, Jen has been leading corporate teams around the world as well as building groups in the nonprofit, social, and political sectors. She’s brought people to the rainforests of El Salvador, the deserts of Mexico, the in-your-face duality of Kenya, and the rich, lush landscapes of Uganda, teaching and experiencing the power of the human spirit when leaders are able to take themselves out of the equation and put the people around them first. All of her corporate, nonprofit, political, and humanitarian work has solidified her framework for Leadership Impact and the transformative power it has over individual leaders, teams, organizations, and cultures.  Because of these challenging, heartbreaking, and always life-changing experiences, she has fortified her distinct perspective on what it takes to build the kind of world-class teams that forge through limitations, build the esteem of those around them, and succeed as a unit in times of extraordinary challenge and transformation.  Jen Buck inspires people to stand strong in the face of adversity, lift others when they are riddled with self-doubt, and allow the spark of magnetism and synergy to propel them, which ensures that we can achieve much more when we’re working in unity.

Jen began the first decade of her career in a startup helping to launch a billion-dollar global and award-winning brand while in a leadership development training role; she understands the demands of dynamic environments and the pressure it puts on people to be peak performers. Her keynotes are powerful, impactful, and jammed with practical, real-world takeaways that inspire peak performance and leadership that leaves a legacy. As a 25 year veteran in business holding positions as a Chief Operating Officer, Chief of Staff, Chief Communications Officer, and Founder, Jen Buck knows a thing or two about creating Leadership Impact by transforming teams and multiplying their impact. She’s not just talking about leadership from stages, she’s actually doing it every day.

Known as an inspirational powerhouse in leadership, teambuilding, and creating engagement, her award-winning and game-changing keynotes have earned Jen     accolades as one of 2024s Top 100 Speakers To Watch by Motivator Music, three bestselling books, and a television show that was seen in 50 countries worldwide. For the past 25 years, her keynotes have motivated well over a million people and received rave reviews from user groups, associations, and Fortune 500 companies, including Google, Walmart, Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, McDonalds, Mercedes, NASA, Yale, Coca Cola, and more.

Jen’s experience leading large and dynamic teams inspires people to step out of their routine, flex their impact muscle, and amplify the engagement and confidence of the people around them so that the team and organization can achieve more than they ever thought possible. We don’t achieve greatness alone and to truly leave a mark we must inspire greatness in others. She is the expert that companies call on to build world class teams, inspire peak performance, and create a culture of extraordinary engagement.  Jen has successfully converted the lessons learned from the startup, political, nonprofit, and social sectors into the corporate world, with exciting keynotes that show how common leaders can accomplish uncommon things if they’re ready to make an impact and put their teams first.

So, get ready! Jen’s motivating stories from the boardrooms to the rainforests will leave your audiences breathless and inspired to make an impact on every person and process they lead.



Jen’s got star written all over her… she’s going to be the next big thing! – Les Brown, Globally Renowned Motivational Speaker, Author and TV Host


Jen thoughtfully prepared an EXPERIENCE through energized storytelling and levity, She shared skills and concepts that inspire, empower, and transform relationships. We didn’t just sit and listen – Jen moved us, we were on the edge of, and out of our seats, engaging with each other in what can be best described as pure joy. Jen’s keynote provided intangible tools our team have already begun to apply in work & personal life.  She didn’t stop there, she also shared with us a slew of tangible leadership resources. Jen is a testament to what it means to go above and beyond – she not only delivered on what we asked, she exceeded our expectations. If you need a speaker with a proven track record that doesn’t just deliver a canned speech, and you want someone who’s kind, witty, fun, professional, with energy for days, book Jen!”- Eileen Green, Vesta Corporation, Director Learning and Organizational Development


I have worked with Jen multiple times with a large variety of clients. Today, she is my “go to” for motivational speaking, communication, leadership, service, and personal coaching. There is no one I have encountered who brings the combo of experience, intelligence, and fun. Simply put, she is exceptional! – Chris Grebowiec, Global Sales Enablement, Productivity, and Learning Leader, Square


Jen is a breath of fresh air! She comes from unexpected places with a call to action that is moving, but so important. What a compelling storyteller! – Ginny Clarke, Vice President of Diversity and Internal Mobility, Google


Jen’s intimate and vulnerable talks inspire audiences to use their everyday privileges to help others. Jen’s speaking style is relatable to anyone who’s hoped to tackle life’s hard questions. – Miriam Warren, Senior Vice President, Yelp

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